Section 2-2. Requirements for approval

In order to be approved, the occupational health service must
  1. a.
    be capable, as a whole, of providing comprehensive preventive assistance to the systematic health, safety and environmental activities; see Section 3-3 of the Working Environment Act and Chapter 14 of the Regulations concerning Organisation, Management and Employee Participation;
  2. b.
    have a quality assurance system that ensures that the occupational health service assists the employer as described in Chapter 13 of the Regulations concerning Organisation, Management and Employee Participation in a satisfactory manner, and that ensures competence development for the occupational health service personnel;
  3. c.
    have an organisation and professional personnel that are capable of providing advice in the following areas of expertise: occupational medicine/occupational health, occupational hygiene, ergonomics, psychosocial and organisational working environment and systematic HSE work;
  4. d.
    have professional personnel corresponding to at least three full-time equivalents. Each area of professional expertise (occupational medicine, occupational hygiene, ergonomics and psychosocial-organisational) must be covered by at least 30% of a full-time equivalent.
  5. e.
    An occupational health service with professional personnel corresponding to two full-time equivalents may nonetheless be approved in special cases, provided that it is documented that the occupational health service cooperates with one or more relevant professional environments that cover any missing areas of expertise.