Coronavirus: Information for workers and employers

In order to prevent potential infection with the coronavirus, it is important that employers carry out a risk assessment of possible infection risks. This is especially important in workplaces where workers come in physical contact with other people.

Coronavirus: Updated information for Norway

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health provides advice and updates on the current status of the corona-outbreak. Please see their website:

Coronavirus disease - advice and information

Corona outbreak: The employer is required to do a risk assessment

As an employer, you are required to assess the risks and put in place preventive measures, in work situations where your workers are at risk of coming in contact with infected people or where there is a risk of them spreading the virus.

All employers must also consider whether they have workers, including workers hired from temporary-work agencies, who may be in a situation with a risk of contracting the virus. The employer must identify and assess all risks and problems.

Examples of risk factors associated with the coronavirus:

  • Workers in risk groups (see overview at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health)
  • Lack of access to hand washing with soap or alcohol-based hand disinfectants
  • Lack of access to necessary personal protective equipment, e.g. gloves, P3-masks, visor/tight-fitting goggles
  • Lack of relevant training for employees
  • Work-related travels

The employer shall take measures to prevent the spread of the virus at the work place.

The occupational health service can be contacted for assistance with regards to risk assessments and the planning of preventive measures.

Information from Norwegian health authorities

Extensive information about corona (

Information on preventive measures at work places

Please see the advice provided by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

Workplace advice (

Contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

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