Section 15. Lists of persons employed at the construction site

As part of the coordination, a list shall be compiled of all who perform work at the construction site. This list shall be compiled electronically and checked daily, and shall contain the following information:
  1. a.
    name and address of the construction site
  2. b.
    name of the client
  3. c.
    names of employers or one-man enterprises or, in the case of hired workers, the name of the undertaking hiring the workers
  4. d.
    organisation numbers of undertakings subject to registration
  5. e.
    names and dates of birth, and HSE-card number of all persons performing work at the construction site.
The lists shall be available and shall on request be shown to the employer, the safety representative, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Norwegian tax authorities. The lists shall be kept for six months following completion of building or civil engineering works.