Construction Client Regulations

MinistryMinistry of Labour and Social Affairs
In force01.01.2010
Last amendedFOR-2016-06-03-568
Last update15.09.2020
Abbreviated titleConstruction Client Regulations
TitleConstruction Client Regulations
Original title Forskrift om sikkerhet, helse og arbeidsmiljø på bygge- eller anleggsplasser (byggherreforskriften)

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Amendment Regulations incorporated in this text: Regulation 3 June 2016 No. 568 as amended by regulation 29 June 2016 No. 835 and regulation 5 May 2017 No. 545.

This is an unofficial translation of the Norwegian version of the Regulation and is provided for information purposes only. Legal authenticity remains with the Norwegian version as published in Norsk Lovtidend. In the event of any inconsistency, the Norwegian version shall prevail.

The translation is provided by The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet).