Section 13. Designation and follow-up of the coordinator

If two or more undertakings are working at the construction site simultaneously or in succession, work on safety, health and working environment shall be coordinated. In such cases, the client shall designate a coordinator for the whole project, or one for the project preparation phase and one for the execution phase, to carry out the coordination on behalf of the client in accordance with sections 14 and 15 of these Regulations.
The client may choose to hold the role of coordinator. Designation of a coordinator will not exempt the client from its responsibility in this area.
Prior to designating a coordinator, the client shall consider whether the designated person has other responsibilities that may conflict with the role of coordinator.
By means of a written agreement, the client shall clarify what responsibilities and authority the coordinator shall have. The client shall regularly follow up the coordinator to ensure that he fulfils his responsibilities.
The coordinator shall have the necessary knowledge of safety, health and working environment, including working environment legislation. The coordinator for the execution phase shall in addition have practical experience of building or civil engineering works.