Section 10. Prior notice

If the work is scheduled to last for more than 30 working days or if the volume of work is scheduled to exceed 500 person-days, the client shall ensure that, at the latest one week prior to commencement of the work, prior notice of the building or civil engineering works is given to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority on the form prescribed for that purpose.
If the client is a consumer, the prior notice shall be provided by the undertaking that takes on the building or civil engineering works.
The prior notice shall be clearly displayed at the construction site and kept up to date.
The prior notice shall contain the following information:
  1. a.
    date the notice is given
  2. b.
    exact address of the construction site
  3. c.
    name and address of the client
  4. d.
    name and address of the client's representative
  5. e.
    type of project
  6. f.
    coordinator's name and address
  7. g.
    planned date for commencement of work at the construction site
  8. h.
    planned duration of the work at the construction site
  9. i.
    estimated maximum number of employees simultaneously at the construction site
  10. j.
    planned number of contractors and one-man enterprises at the construction site
  11. k.
    details of the contractors already selected.