Section 3-2. Special safety precautions

(1) In order to maintain safety at the workplace, the employer shall ensure:
  1. a.
    that employees are informed of accident risks and health hazards that may be connected with the work, and that they receive the necessary training, practice and instruction,
  2. b.
    that employees charged with directing or supervising other employees have the necessary competence to ensure that the work is performed in a proper manner with regard to health and safety,
  3. c.
    expert assistance, when this is necessary in order to implement the requirements of this Act.
(2) When satisfactory precautions to protect life and health cannot be achieved by other means, the employer shall ensure that satisfactory personal protective equipment is made available to the employees, that the employees are trained in the use of such equipment and that the equipment is used.
(3) If work is to be carried out that may involve particular hazards to life or health, written instructions shall be prepared prescribing how the work is to be done and what safety measures are to be implemented.
(4) The Ministry may issue regulations concerning implementation of the provisions of this section. The Ministry may also by regulation lay down further provisions concerning personal protective equipment, including provisions concerning:
  1. a.
    design, labelling, etc.
  2. b.
    use, maintenance, etc.
  3. c.
    testing, certification and approval
  4. d.
    approval of bodies set up to exercise supervision in relation to production of personal protective equipment.

The Ministry may by regulation provide that the provisions concerning personal protective equipment shall also apply to the manufacturer, importer and supplier.