Section 2 A-4. Prohibition against retaliation

(1) Retaliation against an employee who notifies pursuant to sections 2 A-1 and 2 A-2 is prohibited. As regards workers hired from temporary-work agencies, the prohibition shall apply to both employers and hirers.
(2) By retaliation is meant any unfavourable act, practice or omission that is a consequence of or a reaction to the fact that the employee has notified, for example
  1. a.
    threats, harassment, arbitrary discrimination, social exclusion or other improper conduct
  2. b.
    warnings, change of duties, relocation or demotion
  3. c.
    suspension, dismissal, summary discharge or disciplinary action.
(3) The first paragraph shall apply correspondingly to retaliation against an employee who makes known that the right to notify will be invoked, for example, by providing information.
(4) If the employee submits information that gives reason to believe that retaliation has taken place, the employer must substantiate that no such retaliation has taken place.