Section 17-1. Disputes concerning working conditions

(1) In legal proceedings concerning rights or obligations pursuant to this Act, the Courts of Justice Act and the Dispute Act shall apply in addition to the special provisions laid down in this chapter.
(2) In connection with the legal proceedings, the court may also consider claims concerning settlement of pay and holiday pay. The same shall apply to other claims in connection with or in the place of claims that may be submitted pursuant to the first paragraph in so far as these do not constitute a major inconvenience to the legal proceedings concerning the matter. The decision of the court pursuant to the preceding sentence may not be contested.
(3) Claims that are the subject of negotiations pursuant to section 17-3, claims as referred to in section 17-1, second paragraph, or claims that have been reviewed by a Dispute Resolution Board pursuant to section 17-2, shall not be subjected to mediation by a Conciliation Board.
(4) In the case of legal proceedings subject to section 17-4, first paragraph, the court shall expedite the case as much as possible and if necessary fix a time for sitting out of turn.