Section 16-3. Right of reservation, etc.

(1) An employee may object to transfer of the employment relationship to the new employer.
(2) An employee who objects to transfer of the employment relationship to the new employer must notify the former employer of this in writing within the time limit specified by the employer. The time limit may not be shorter than 14 days after information is provided pursuant to section 16-6.
(3) An employee who has been employed by the undertaking for a total of at least 12 months during the two-year period prior to the date of transfer, and who asserts his or her right of reservation pursuant to this section, has a preferential right to a new appointment at the former employer for one year from the date of transfer unless the vacant post is one for which the employee is not qualified. The preferential right shall lapse if the employee fails to accept an offer of employment in a suitable post not later than 14 days after receiving the offer. Preferential rights pursuant to sections 10-2, fourth paragraph, 14-2 and 14-3 take precedence over preferential rights pursuant to this section.