Section 12-12. Military service, etc.

(1) An employee shall be entitled to leave of absence in connection with compulsory or voluntary military service or similar national service.1 The same shall apply to voluntary service of a total of 24 months' duration in forces organised by the Norwegian authorities for participation in international peace operations provided that the employee notifies the employer as soon as possible after entering into a binding agreement concerning service in such forces.
(2) An employee who wishes to continue his or her employment after completion of such service shall notify the employer before commencing the service. The employer shall not be obliged to allow the employee to resume his or her duties until one month after receipt of notification of the date on which the employee can resume work.
1 Cf. chapter III of the Act of 19 March 1965 No. 3 relating to exemption from military service for reasons of personal conviction (repealed by the Act of 20 April 2012 No. 19). Now see chapter 4 of the Act of 12 August 2016 No. 77 relating to compulsory military service and service in the armed forces, etc.