HSE cards for cleaning services

All companies, both Norwegian and foreign, that wholly or partly provide cleaning services, are required to provide all employees performing cleaning work with HSE cards from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The purpose of such cards is to identify the bearer of the card and the company he or she works for.

The requirement regarding HSE cards also applies to one-man enterprises (sole proprietorships with no employees). Companies that hire out employees for cleaning work are also obliged to provide their workers with HSE cards.

Bildet viser hvordan HMS-kortet ser ut fra 2018.

Slik ser HMS-kortet ut fra 2018. / This is what the HSE-card looks like from 2018 onward.

How to apply for HSE cards

Applications for HSE cards shall be submitted by the employer for its employees. Before applying for HSE cards, the employer must first submit an application for “public authorisation of the cleaning company” to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. This application is to be submitted via the Altinn website: Application for authorisation of a cleaning company.  

When so notified by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, applications for HSE cards are to be submitted via Oberthur’s Internet solution. If you need a paper form, you can call The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority at 73 19 97 00.

Apply for HSE card for the cleaning industry here.

Note: Companies with foreign workers from countries outside the EEA area must document that workers hold residence permits to the extent this is required for the employment concerned. The same applies to sole proprietorships from countries outside the EEA area. In such cases, documentation of a residence permit is to be submitted directly to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority via the Altinn website. If you, as employer, have previously submitted a worker’s residence permit when applying for authorisation of the company, you need not resubmit it with the application for an HSE card.

Documentation requirements

Applications for HSE cards shall enclose:

  • a photograph of the worker
  • the worker’s signature
  • a copy of the worker’s proof of identity

The card shall contain the following information in Norwegian and English:

  • organisation number and name of employer or sole proprietorship
  • name of card holder
  • picture of card holder
  • card holder’s date of birth and sex
  • card holder’s signature
  • period of validity
  • card number
  • name and address of the card issuer  

The card

The card is valid as long as the holder is employed by the company, but for a maximum of two years.

The HSE card shall be carried visibly, and shall on request be shown to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, the Tax Administration or any other body with a legitimate need to control the card.

The HSE card is personal, and may not be transferred to other persons.  It is important to note that the HSE cards are the property of the company, not the employee. The individual company must therefore have full control of and administrative responsibility for the HSE cards carried by its employees. The employer is obliged to verify the identity of the employee before submitting the application for an HSE card.

Notes for employers

You apply for HSE cards for all employees who perform cleaning work, one card for each employee. An employee who is also employed elsewhere must have a separate HSE card for the work performed for you.

Expired or invalid cards must be returned to the card issuer. The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Tax Administration may withdraw expired and invalid HSE cards. Cards that employees have returned to you are to be sent to the card issuer for destruction.

Notes for employees

An HSE card will be provided by your employer. The card is associated with your employment by a specific company. If you have more than one employer, you must have an HSE card for each employer.

If your HSE card is lost or stolen, you must notify your employer immediately. The employer must then notify the card issuer so that you are issued with a new card. If you leave the company’s employment, you must return the card to the employer.

Rules and regulations

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