When the employer will not pay

Send a registered letter to the employer where you raise your claim and request payment within a short period, e.g. 7 to 10 days. Inform your (former) employer that you will pursue the matter further if payment has not occurred within the given date as stated in your claim. 

If the employer does not pay on time, you can contact Forliksrådet (Conciliation Board) in the municipality (kommune) where the employer is located. Forliksrådet will help you set up the complaint. Then a conciliation meeting will be summoned. The case might be solved through settlement or judgment, or referred to the court. 

If the case is referred to court, you should seek legal advice to get an assessment regarding a possible court proceeding.  

If the result of proceedings in Forliksrådet ends with a settlement or a judgment, and the employer still does not pay, you must send the case to the execution and enforcement authority.