Holiday pay

All employees are entitled to holiday pay. The holiday pay shall be at least 10.2% of the basis for calculating holiday pay.

The basis for calculating holiday pay is the pay you received during the previous year. Employees over 60 years of age are entitled to a minimum of 12.5%.

The basis for calculating holiday pay shall be shown in the certificate of pay and tax deducted for the qualifying year.

As a basic rule, holiday pay is to be paid on the last normal pay day before the holiday. However the usual procedure is to pay holiday pay during a specific month, e.g. in June.

It is not permitted to include holiday pay in the regular wage unless this is directly regulated through collective agreements.

Holiday pay following dismissal

On termination of employment, the employee is to be paid all holiday pay that has been earned up to the last day of work. The payment is to be made on the last pay day before the employee leaves. 

Failure to pay holiday pay

Read more about what you can do if the employer fails to pay holiday pay or pays less holiday pay than you are entitled to